Summer Time Newsletter

I hope this email finds you great and enjoying the summer weather and bright evenings. 
We just wanted to drop you a line to keep you posted on the summer activities! Evening classes are still going strong during the summer so well done everyone, keeping up your workouts when our daily routine may have shifted slightly – awesome!

Summer Classes

We will run some reduced morning classes over the summer sue to lower numbers so if you notice your regular Wednesday 9.45am class is not on the schedule – don’t worry it will return in September! We will close the gym for 1 week in August 14th-20th back open and warming up for September madness on the 21st August. We will be getting a deep clean done, maintenance and setting up some new equipment. There will be no classes or personal training during this period. Monthly memberships be mindful of this and if we need to we can just extend your membership by one week

Loyalty Wall

All passes and accounts have been updated so free classes should be added to loyalty wall folk! If you are yet to get your photo taken for the wall and free pass – dont hesitate – be proud and get that photo taken! Because your loyalty to us – is what keep the doors open!

Social Events

Our July social event is our couch to 5m and walking club…..If you are keen to join us – it is on Tuesdays at 8pm for 4 weeks, starting 4th July. Please sign up for FREE via the Mindbody App and you will receive all the information on Friday. Our August social event is a “Train the Trainer” followed by drinks and games. Dates to be confirmed! If you are looking for that sign to get back running again or walking in a lovely community – this is it!

Portugal Retreat

This could be one full email! We are very close to finalising the details of our Wholesome Retreat in October – stay tuned to our social accounts and to your emails for the final information. Booking deposits will take place in June with 10 spots ONLY available!

Block Book Programmes

Are half way through their term now with 4 weeks to go! All our block book programmes will take a break in August with some PAYG options available instead and full steam ahead to restart in September!

Open Gym

As you probably have noticed – our Open Gym Slots have slowly be taken off the timetable – in a way its a great sign at the classes are busy. If Open gym is something your are interested in just let us know, we will assess demand and make it possible again if the demand arises, in particular in August.

Hope you are all enjoying your classes as much as we love teaching them – we are truly lucky to have a great crew of clients and staff at the helm of SCC.  
Warmest regards and thanks Marian and Team SCC